The new standard for safety & efficiency in sewer inspection

Meet The RACERTM, a world-first in sewer inspection technology that delivers unimagined levels of safety and efficiency to solve the two biggest problems facing asset management and utilities management service providers.

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The Racer

What is The RACERTM ?

The RACERTM (Rapid Assessment Condition Evaluation Rover) is the result of an innovative collaboration between Australian sewer inspection and stormwater industry leader Pipe Management Australia (PMA) and Sydney Water.

Heralding a new age in asset management, The RACERTM helps councils and utilities management professionals to more efficiently and more safely conduct their work and deliver results.


How The RACERTM works

Traditional tethered unmanned technology is limited to inspecting to 3km in a straight line and typically requires six to nine skilled men to operate. The RACERTM is a versatile, remotely controlled solution that can nimbly manoeuvre around bends and through a variety of harsh environments.

Extraordinarily efficient, The RACERTM can safely inspect 14km of a sewer network in a single 3-4 hour session. The RACERTM’s efficient operation is saving Sydney Water over $1 million per year in operating costs.

Features & Benefits

A truly Australian innovation, The RACERTM is unlike any other solution available to asset management and utilities management service providers.

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    Protect your greatest asset (your people) by drastically reducing the riskiest part of your operation.

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    Inspect 14km of a sewer network in a single 3-4 hour session.

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    The RACERTM is a world-first in smart sewer inspection technology.

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    The RACERTM will drastically reduce your operating costs.

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    The RACERTM is an Australian innovation for innovative Australian asset managers.

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    More accurately plan and prioritise future works using data The RACERTM collects.

The RACERTM Testimonial

Sydney Water

“Traversing is the riskiest operation undertaken at Sydney Water. We’ve been looking for a system that can gather enough information for detailed engineering assessments without having to traverse. [The RACERTM] will help us prioritise our future works. This will eliminate the majority of our current risk profile.”

Steve BarclaySydney Water Wastewater Networks Program Lead Engineer.